My Horses

All of my horses have unique personalities and backgrounds. Many of them were given to me over the years, and have found a forever home helping me teach ground work, arena work, trail riding, and horseback archery.

  • Tasha- 1988-2016. My first horse, my first love, my greatest teacher, and will forever be a part of me. Arabian mare I had since I was 11 years old. Tasha and I were very bonded. She knew what I was thinking before I told her, and visa versa. She was a firecracker of a mare, and was always ready to run. In 08 she was clocked running 40 miles per hour by the Mythbusters (Discovery Channel) crew, while filming us for one of their myths.

Beard 004

  • Aret√© (pronounced Air-eh-tey)- Tasha’s baby by Oxum (Mangalarga Marchador stallion). 2006 Half Arabaian, half Mangalarga Marchador mare. Smartest little mare ever! (in my opinion). She is an amazingly talented horse who does horseback archery demonstrations, as well as tricks like bowing and laying down. She is my go to mare for competitions and demonstrations.


  • Buda – Arete’s baby out of Zumbido. 2013 3/4 Marchador 1/4 Arab. Our laid back young gelding, who has begun his career as a mounted archery horse and has now participated in a few clinics and competitions.

  • Jebe (pronounced Jeh-bey)- 1999 Polish Arabian gelding. I got him from Lukas in the summer of 08. He is a very laid back goofy guy that just goes with the flow. Never in too much of a hurry, but not too lazy. He is one of my favorite horses to ride, especially when I use him for mounted archery. Jebe also has a natural talent for the SCA medieval horse games. Nothing seems to bother him, in the arena, or on the trails. He and I have become very close, and I love him to pieces!

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  • Magic – 2000 Arabian mare. Magic was given to me by the Baumgartner family. Magic was owned by Winter, who used her for 4H for many years. Magic is a sweet mare with a good heart, and lots of go. She is very easy going on the trails, but also has lots of stamina. She loves to work, and loves archery!


  • Woody – 2005 American Paint Horse Owned by Samantha Edgar. Woody came here for some clinics and never left! He took to horseback archery so naturally he became a ranch resident and is used for clinics, competitions, and lessons.

  • Drogo – 2015 Andalusian colt.


  • Ender – 2016 Marchador cross colt. Son of Buda and Bronte.

  • Nugget 2009 Miniature Horse – gives pony rides and pulls a mini cart!

The dogs are members of the ranch too so here they are!

  • Porsche, my German Shepherd. Porsche is the protector of the house! I got Porsche in 2013 from Gretchen at Her and partner run a great dog training program. If you are ever looking for a great dog, look them up! She fosters all kinds, and will help you have the best working relationship with your canine friend!



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