Tasha and I in 07

My name is Katie Stearns ( aka Morwen, or The Flying Duchess). I am a graduate of the University of Oregon with a major in Anthropology, with a focus of Archaeology. I live in Arlington, WA with my husband and two sons, and baby number three on the way! I have been very passionate about horses my whole life, and am now living my dream job as a horse trainer. My first encounter with mounted archery was when I purchased a Kassai horse bow to use in my Belegarth fighting. Because of its size and light weight, the bow seemed ideal for running around and shooting at people. The bow came with a book titled, “Horseback Archery,” written by Kassai Lajos in Hungary. I became hooked, and immediately began to desensitize my horses to archery. I have been practicing mounted archery ever since attending my first clinic with Lukas Novotny (he also made my current bow, check out his Saluki Bows website) in April of 05. Lukas is an amazing bowyer and mounted archery teacher, as well as a good friend.

To schedule lessons, or for any information, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at [email protected] Or you can send me a message on Facebook, just search for Katie Stearns.



Horseback archery events I have attended:

  • Korea World Horseback Archery Competition 2006 – Bronze in the Single Shot
  • Korea World Horseback Archery Competition 2007 – Silver in the Serial Shot, Bronze in the Single Shot.
  • Korea World Horseback Archery Competition 2008 – Gold in the Double Shot, Gold in Team Mogu.
  • Korea World Horseback Archery Competition 2009 – Gold in the Single Shot
  • Oregon International Horseback Archery Competition 2010 –
  • Al Faris International Horseback Archery Competition in Jordan 2012 –
  • ARC (SCA) 2012 – 1st in their hunt from horseback archery competition.
  • Denizli Turkey Horseback Archery Festival – Demonstration only
  • Kassai Valley Open Weekend 2013 – Visitation and training only
  • EOCHA Turkey 2013 –
  • Amazon Gathering 2013 – Gold in the Korean, Gold in the Hungarian, Gold Overall Champion
  • Kassai Open World Cup in Hungary –
  • Rogue Mounted Archers International Horseback Archery Competition 2014 – 4th Overall




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