**Many of my links stopped working after my server switch. I will fix them eventually… but you should still be able to copy and paste the ones that are not working (if they are still active sites)**

Horseback Archery:

Mounted Archery Association of the Americas (MA3) (USA) Website

Rogue Mounted Archers (USA) – a mounted archery club in Southern Oregon.

Kassai (Hungary) – The master of the modern sport, Kassai Lajos, provides training at his valley in Hungary.

Valley Brook Ranch, and Tiger’s Horsebow Valley (Germany)

Horseback Archery Websites (Germany) – You can get to three of their websites from this starting page.

British Horseback Archery Association (UK)

Ashmoor Horseback Archers (UK)

Turkish Archery Website (Turkey)

Donwenna Website (USA) – A useful site I found containing many Horseback archery resources. It even has mine on there!

ATARNet – An online forum that is a great information source for traditional archery, history, and mounted archery.

Medieval Warhorse Games Etc:

The Company of St. Anne (SCA)

Rogue Renaissance Fantasy Faire

Ravenswood Leather

Archery Supplies:

Saluki Bow – Hand crafted exquisite but tough bows for mounted archery, hunting and target shooting designed from the historical roots of Asiatic composite bows.

Saluki Bow offers 10% discount on orders coming from MA3 members

Krackow Company – A resource for fine bows, accessories and books on traditional and mounted archery.

Seven Meadows Archery – Tradition archery equipment and Hungarian handcrafts.

Grozer Traditional Recurve Bows – Traditional archery equipment made in Hungary.

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