Lessons and Clinics


I teach group and private lessons as well as give weekend clinics. During clinics we cover: instinctive ground archery, horsemanship, horseback archery, Korean and European course styles, rolling targets, and Mogu. Clinics are limited to 10 riders. Camping is allowed for $5 a day. We have a porta-pottie, an outdoor shower on site. Meals are often done family potluck style. People who bring their own horses can keep them in individual pens for $10 a night, but must bring their own hay and clean up after their horse. Hotels are nearby in Arlington.

Mounted archery lesson prices are as followed (but are always subject to change):

  • Weekend Clinics – $300 per person with your own horse.
    $360 per person with a lesson horse.
  • Ground Archery Only during Weekend Clinics – $150 per person.
  • Equipment rental for a bow and arrows is $20 a day
  • Group Lessons- $55 an hour per person.
  • Private Lessons – $65 an hour.
  • For clinics we allow auditing for $20 per person a day.

Clinics generally run morning to lunch ground archery, after lunch to evening mounted archery.

Some pictures and video show my course with barriers, but my course no longer has any poles or ropes. It is now a dirt berm, and looks much like following a trail.

We practice all day (about 6-7 hours) Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with an hour break for lunch. The last day is usually the “play day” when we practice things like Mogu and try the different competition styles, or have a mini-competition. If weather permits, one of the days after we are done shooting, I will take everyone for a bareback beach ride and a swim in the river.

Here is a video of the clinic in August 2013:

Clinic dates are posted on the Events page.

Here is another clinic video from July 2013:


Clinics are designated for beginners or intermediates. If you have not taken a clinic with either myself or another instructor, it is likely you will want to be in the beginner clinic.



*Photos on this page were taken by Bill Edgar, Sam’s father.

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