Horseback archery is a mounted martial art rapidly growing in popularity. The purpose of this site is to have an information source about what is going on with horseback archery in the US, and around the world. Here in Washington we are gaining new horseback archers every year, and I try to keep this as a site where people can find information on local mounted archery activities. For hundreds of years horseback archery was a discipline that fed tribes and conquered enemies, helping horse cultures flourish on many continents before almost disappearing into history. Now there are multiple mounted archery demonstrations and competitions all over the world every year.

This is my personal website. I am personally unaffiliated with any horseback archery organization, aside from being a Kassai International Judge, and this website is not intended to be biased towards any form or practice of horseback archery. This website is intended to be rather a collection of information on my practices, and the practices of people I know. Much of the information I put up here, is in response to people’s questions that are common in e-mails, or when teaching horseback archery lessons and clinics.

To me horseback archery is not just shooting a bow and arrow off of a horse. It is the unison of horse, rider, bow, and arrow, all going forward with the same purpose. It becomes a meditation, a passion, and a way of life.