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Welcome to the Broken Arrow Mounted Archers! We are a mounted archery club located in northern Washington state!



Many of us compete annually in national and international competitions. We also enjoy giving demonstrations at expos and fund raisers to help spread the love of horseback archery!


We meet once a month at The Flying Duchess Ranch ( for group practice where we do everything from ground archery, horseback archery, trail riding, arena riding, war horse games, or what ever the group wants to work on that day!



Here is a video of our June 2013 practice:

Here is a video of our January 2013 practice:

We also get together to do crafts such as make new garb, quivers, fletch arrows, or occasionally, shoot flaming arrows!



To see what we are up to next check out our Facebook Page!

I had part of a roll of film left in my Canon EOS3, so I shot it out at the last club practice. How does it look/feel different than digital to you, or does it? ...

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Club practice on a spring-like Northwest day. Temps in the 60s and no wind...beautiful. Harsh shooting conditions though...lots of shadows and contrasts to deal with! ...

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Some photos from today's Broken Arrow club practice. The whole set is here: ...

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Each year ELS hosts Medieval Day to raise money for rescued horses and every year, Broken Arrow Mounted Archers does a demo of their sport. Smaller group than some years, but just as fun! ...

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