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Welcome to the Broken Arrow Mounted Archers! We are a mounted archery club located in northern Washington state!



Many of us compete annually in national and international competitions. We also enjoy giving demonstrations at expos and fund raisers to help spread the love of horseback archery!


We meet once a month at The Flying Duchess Ranch ( for group practice where we do everything from ground archery, horseback archery, trail riding, arena riding, war horse games, or what ever the group wants to work on that day!



Here is a video of our June 2013 practice:

Here is a video of our January 2013 practice:

We also get together to do crafts such as make new garb, quivers, fletch arrows, or occasionally, shoot flaming arrows!



To see what we are up to next check out our Facebook Page!

Kassai Open World Cup at the Flying Duchess Ranch July 13-15 ...

Kassai Open World Cup 2018

July 13, 2018, 10:00am - July 15, 2018, 7:00pm

Kassai Open World Cup Flying Duchess Ranch 2018 July 13th-15th Two days of training on different courses plus one day of competition. Friday will be the Korean 1-2-3 (which will be done on a 90 meter track and scores can be used for ranking purposes), and Qabaq. Saturday will be an open field archery course plus 9 scored runs of the Kassai course. Sunday will be the official KHOW where all scores will be added to the international Kassai scores list. We will score all courses, and have small prizes for all events. Must already be an active horseback archer with the ability to ride and shoot at the canter in order to be able to attend. THIS IS NOT A CLINIC! Limited to 15 riders. Simple breakfast included for campers, Lunch included for participants.

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Clinic taught by Katie Stearns at Arrowhead Acres in Brush Prairie, WA, September 7-9! ...

Hungarian Course Clinic at Arrowhead Acres

September 7, 2018, 10:00am - September 9, 2018, 7:00pm

Arrowhead Acres is one of the most diverse and beautiful horseback archery ranges in the world! With a 90 meter track for Korean, 99 meter track for Hungarian, cross country hunt course, open grass pasture, and cabins! This clinic will be open to all levels but will be primarily focused on the 99 meter Hungarian course. The first two days will be intensive ground and horseback training, with 9 scored runs Sunday. Riders must be able to trot a horse in order to attend this clinic, but having experience cantering is preferred. No previous archery experience required. There are cabins on site with bunk beds for group camping, or you can bring your own set up, camping is $25 a night. We will have 7 lesson horses available for this clinic. Clinic is $300 for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with your own horse. $60 a for three days of horse rental. Must attend 3 days in order to rent a horse. $50 a day for ground archery portion only (ground archery only an option for Friday and Saturday). $20 a day to audit. Clinic limited to 10 riders.

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Here is the Event with link to registration (Click purchase Tickets link) for the Beginner Horseback Archery Clinic at the Flying Duchess Ranch June 29-July 1! In order to register and hold a spot you must complete payment. ...

Beginner Horseback Archery Clinc

June 29, 2018, 10:00am - July 1, 2018, 7:00pm

Registration is up for the June 29-July 1 clinic at The Flying Duchess Ranch! There are currently no more lesson horses available. If you are unable to bring your own horse, you can sign up for the archery portion only. In order to hold a position in this clinic you must fill out registration and complete payment. This will be a three day clinic geared mostly towards beginners, but intermediates are welcome. All clinics are different and vary depending on what the group wants to work on. We do many different things from ground archery drills, riding drills, horseback archery, liberty work (with horses), ground archery battles (with padded arrows), Mogu, medieval gaming, trail riding, and even sometimes bareback rides to go swimming with our horses in the river. Expect three full days of intensive training and fun! I am very excited to begin teaching again and have a lot of new ideas for these three day clinics! Clinic Prices: $300 for three days of training with your own horse ($100 a day) $50 a day if you are only doing ground archery portion. $20 a day to audit. $20 a day equipment rental. $5 a night camping fee $10 a night horse pen fee Clinic limited to 10 riders, But will take up to 6 ground archers. For this event I will not be providing lunches like in the past but people are welcome to use my kitchen, and we could also do potluck style meals for those staying on the property. Clinic begins around 10am each day, lunch around 1-2, and around 5. First portion of the day is ground archery, second horseback archery.

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Some photos from today's Broken Arrow club practice. The whole set is here: ...

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